Rivera of Love - Sarah and Felix - Wedding

Community. It is the first word that comes to mind when reflecting back on Sarah and Felix’s amazing wedding. They invest themselves fully into those who are in their lives, and it is evident the sentiment is returned. From start to finish, there was overwhelming emotion and much, much laughter. We started the day at the couple’s new home together. It was a sweet, and personal venue to capture their first look together. Later in the day, we caravanned to downtown Gainesville, Ga. (north of Atlanta) where the sounds of Mule Camp rung in the air. Scott’s on the square proved to be the perfect spot to commit to forever. And I have never, I mean never met a more lively bunch on the dance floor. This couple is such a light and I am so privileged to have gotten preview to such a monumental day in their lives. 


A special thank you to my trusty and true second shooter, Sam Panasyuk for his amazing contribution to this effort.