Forward Conference 2016

Every year, in the stifling last week of June, Free Chapel of Gainesville, Ga., hosts a massive youth conference. 13,000 teenagers from all walks of life gather in the Infinite Energy Center directly north of Atlanta.  Each seat boasts a unique story. Each face represents a series of life events, some great, some pretty tough. This conference is full of energy - a dance party of sorts opens the first evening, but without fail - there is a moment within each session where the lightheartedness turns into a sacred moment. A moment where serious life issues are addressed, things often shoved under the rug are forced into the open - and students are urged to wrestle within themselves some of the deepest questions of mankind. Who is this God of the bible? Why should anyone believe in this Messiah? And what exactly does He offer?

Freedom, that's what. True living, that's what. A life that promises a greater high than any drug, deeper love than any relationship. It is almost impossible to walk out of the doors without truly grappling with the meaning of life, and the purpose of one's own self-worth. If only everyone could experience what we did this last weekend. No story is beyond repair and redemption. What a beautiful thing to be a part of - for such a time as this.

Here are some photos of those who ministered. For more information on Forward Conference, or to purchase tickets for next year, visit 


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