Karla and Javier

I love shooting engagements - so full of fresh passion and fairytale, magical love. But NOTHING compares to love that is tried and true. Love that has seen hardship and has overcome. Karla and Javier met as teenagers and got married at 18! Next year they will celebrate by renewing their vows in a marriage ceremony. 20 years, folks! Now that is a love worth documenting. 
When I asked Karla what it was like getting married so young, she quickly said, "We grew up together - in our marriage. We raised each other through adulthood, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The years flew by." Their greatest desire is to be a light to younger couples, and couples who may be in a difficult season in life. 
What I gleaned from seeing them interact - It IS possible to sustain the passion and the fairytale, but there is nothing magical about it. Just a lot of hard work, compromise, unconditional love and above all, devotion to God and commitment to vows. 
I think you will be able to see that in these photos! More on the blog!