Criselis and Joshua - Cornelia Community House

Cris and Josh have a story for the books. They met attending the same church, and after 7 years of friendship they realized what they had was something much more than camaraderie. It was a quick progression! After just a few months of dating she donned a ring on that pretty little finger!

Recently, Josh got a new job on the West Coast and their newly-formed relationship dove headlong into a long-distance one - right before their September wedding. They said heartfelt goodbyes as he headed west, leaving her behind to tie up loose ends for her eventual move. 

Well, he came back in town - the night before the wedding, and they decided that the first time they would see each other would be at the end of the aisle. What a tear-jerker!!! (They even almost accidentally kissed the first moment they saw each other!) 

They had a beautiful ceremony at the Cornelia Community House in Cornelia, Ga. After vowing forever to one another, they skipped out of the church - only to find the nearest coat closet to smooch some more. Their passion is truly beautiful. 

Towards the end of their intimate, coffee and dessert reception - Cris changed into a STUNNING black gown. This was an utter surprise to Josh! (And I think from the pictures you can tell he liked it!) 

Cris and Josh are now serving at Free Chapel in Irvine, California. They are some of the kindest people I have been honored to call friends. Enjoy just a little bit of their most amazing wedding!