Victory Lap - Shay Arthur

This girl is Uh-mazing. In the last year and a half she has lost 80 lbs. EIGHTY! When I asked what was the biggest contributor to her weight loss, she quickly responded "a journey of deep inner healing and a breakup with self-hate." She works out daily and eats nutritious food, but her biggest secret - "being proud of the little victories" - and verbally affirming those wins! Shay is an inner healing minister, a speaker, conference planner and missionary. She is venturing to Africa next month, and heading home only to hop in a car and lead a week-long revival in Illinois. She is a rarity and it was a deep honor to get to capture this "victory lap" for her. Emotional even! Also, nothing like making the most of where we live! Love getting to shoot on the Gainesville Square here in Gainesville, GA!