A Figueira Fairy Tale - Little River Farms - Alpharetta, Ga

The day was July 23rd 2017. Jeremy posted early in the morning on his instagram account: "This (our wedding) is a story of God persistence, God’s faithfulness and God’s Love. For my God loves me so. I have found what is good. Today this same guy has been given more mercy and more grace. Today this same guy is privileged to marry the woman that exceeds all his dreams. I love you, Dusty. You are part of God’s long story in this broken mans life and I’ll forever be thankful." God's persistence, faithfulness and love. Try as I may to write a blog post on these two - I couldn't find better words than those he, himself, penned. A story filled with the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ. From loss and heartbreak, to wholeness and forever love. 

And that love is certainly reciprocated. Just notice the way Dusty looks at Jeremy.  Such admiration and respect. One particularly special moment of the day was when Jeremy's family surprised Dusty with a beautiful necklace. The pendant it donned was made from the wedding ring of Jeremy's mom, who had passed away. Both me and my second shooter, Anna Moran, had to hold back tears as we documented such a sacred moment. A powerful gesture of opening up their family to her. Another truly beautiful moment was when Dusty's dad saw her. She is a self-proclaimed "Daddy's girl", and its not hard to see why. (Get your tissues ready!).

Little River Farms in Alpharetta, Georgia was the perfect backdrop for their celebration, and as always - was super hospitable and accommodating. If you know these two, you love them - and I was truly honored to get to capture a bit of their forever story.