Brittany and Edozie - Atlanta, Georgia

When I first met Brittany and Edozie I was taken by their sincere kindness. They were the first (albeit, only) couple to ask to pray for ME at the conclusion of our first consultation. There story is one marked with the hand of God. Their wedding was a FANTASTIC change of scenery! Though it started as a traditional American ceremony, it turned halfway through to the most beautiful Nigerian celebration! I was introduced to the "dollar dance" and had to put my camera down for a brief moment to get in on the action. Me and my second shooter, Anna Moran, couldn't help but laugh as we found ourselves in the middle of a literal money shower. (Of course, we left the dolla bills undisturbed.) I consistently asked myself, "Why in the world did we not do this?!" It was a wedding to remember, and I was grateful to be a part!